Shape Up Fitness Program

Hi everyone! My name is Justin Beard and I am the founder and creator of Shape Up Home Workouts. 

We understand that Personal Training isn’t for everyone - it can be expensive and some people may find it awkward training in front of a complete stranger. That is why we created the Shape Up Home Workouts Program! This fitness program has been developed with everyday people in mind to remove any barriers that come between you and your exercise.

At home we don’t have a gym or fancy equipment lying around. That's the beauty of this program - all workouts can be completed with household items such as chairs and cans of food from the pantry, or with no equipment at all. Our strengthening sessions are based on body-weight exercises so if you cannot find an appropriate household item, you will still finish feeling stronger and fitter.


We understand not everyone is the same, which is why we have five different levels of workouts ranging from easy to hard. The program has various workouts targeting Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Cardio or Whole Body. This allows you to target areas of the body you want to improve on, or to simply select an option that will allow your muscles to recover from a recent session.

Shape Up fitness program contains workouts as short as 18 minutes, so there is no need to block out large portions of your day to squeeze in a session. Never has it been so easy to find time to work out in your home, the park or perhaps even on your lunch break.

For each session you are provided with a full length workout video, a session plan (for those who wish to complete a workout without the video) and exercise instructional videos on each page to make sure at no stage you feel lost or uncertain. Our instructional videos will provide details of exercise variations you can complete instead if you unable to perform any of the ones listed in the session. 

If you're someone who hasn’t trained for a while, or feel as though you need someone right there with you instructing each movement then this is the program for you! Ongoing support is also offered within the Shape Up| Push Your Limits Support Group on Facebook. Here  you can communicate with our trainer and other everyday people, post about workouts you've completed, compliment others on their achievements and simply encourage and motivate. We find that participants who are actively engaging in the program are more likely to develop a healthy workout routine and achieve their goals.

'The support group sounds great but I know myself and I know that I won’t be able to motivate myself to train unless I’m held accountable!'

You are not alone! For those who are interested, we try and pair participants in the group with others who feel the same way. We get them to set up a time that suits them both and use skype, zoom, messenger video or even face-time to complete workouts together! So there is no need to worry about feeling isolated or feeling as though there is no support for you in achieving your goals.

We look forward to meeting you, helping you reach your goals and making you feel welcome in our program.



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  • Upper Body

  • Lower Body

  • Whole Body

  • Core

  • Cardio

  • 1 Star

  • 2 Star

  • 3 Star

  • 4 Star

  • 5 Star


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Depending on your time or if you want more of a workout, you can stop earlier or work through the session a second time

Choose from a wide variety of workouts starting from as short as 18 minutes 

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The session plan can be used for those who don't wish to use the video. It will list the exercise, the time on and the time off

For those looking for an easier or harder alternative to the exercise listed in the session plan